Shams Network

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The Administrative System


Article 1 / this system have been prepared in accordance with paragraph 7-2 of the rules of procedure of the network.


Article 2 / this system set rules and regulations that should be abided by all the bodies of the network.


Article 3 / the provisions of this system apply to all employees in the network.


Article 4 / the network have an independent judicial personality, by virtue of its access to the registration number (012) according to the law number (5) for the year 2004 issued by the Independent Higher Electoral Commission in Iraq established by Law No. (92).



Article 5 / Network’s structure: network consists of the following bodies:

A - Governing Council: the supreme authority of the network, the rules of procedure of the network had set the functions and powers of the Council, who in turn shall issue rules and regulations to determine the administrative and financial matters of the network.


B - Executive Committee: a body charged by the Governing Council, rules of procedure had determined its functions.

C - Executive Office: The rules of procedure of the network had set its duties and powers, headed by the Coordinator-General.

D – General Committee: The sum of the founding organizations of the network in addition to the organizations that were accepted as members in the network by a decision of the Governing Council.

E - Regional offices: the network has five regional offices in Iraq responsible for network activity in the geographical area specified below:

Geographical Area (Governorate)

Regional Office


(Rusafa and Karkh) + Wasit + Anbar



Erbil + Dohuk +  Sulaymaniyah



Kirkuk + Diyala + Salah al-Din+ Nineueh



Najaf + Babel + Qadisiyah



Maysan + Muthanna + Dhi Qar




Article 6 / The Executive Committee authorized to make regulations work for each regional offices and the Office of each governorate according to its working conditions.


Article 7 / this system is followed as of the date of its publication in 2/1/2005.