The first meeting of the partners of the Shams network for election monitoring, Nineveh governorate organizations


Shams Network for Election Monitoring
Nineveh Governorate
The first meeting of the partners of the Shams network for election monitoring, Nineveh governorate organizations
Saturday 16 -1-2021 Nineveh Governorate
The agenda, the topics of the meeting, recommendations and proposals

The Coordination of the Shams Network for Election Monitoring in Nineveh Governorate held an expanded meeting for the partner organizations that recently requested to join the network in order to monitor the elections to be held next June of this year.
The meeting was attended by 4 local organizations from Nineveh Governorate, in addition to the joining of volunteer teams working in the field. They have volunteers who wish to work on actual participation to monitor the upcoming elections within the electoral districts of Nineveh Governorate and the scenarios that the network will follow in the election monitoring process and alternatives in the absence of funding and monitoring the elections as a whole began From the voter registration process through the registration of political entities and the electoral media campaigns of political entities, as well as monitoring the election day for private and public polling, following up the counting and sorting and showing the results where all these steps precede the training of observers on how to monitor the elections and how to use the observation forms for the opening process, the conduct of the elections, and the counting and sorting.
The meeting also dealt with other topics as follows:
• Welcome and acquaintance
• An overview of Shams network
• An overview of the new electoral system
• Receiving requests to join the network
Discussion of questions and answers
• Then closing

Organizations that have applied to join the network

1- Joud Humanitarian Organization for Development and Reconstruction
2- Iraqi Association for Juvenile and Elderly Care
3- Nineveh Center for Human Rights
4- Ard Al-Nahrain Charitable Society
5- University team for Relief and Development
6- Mosul volunteer team

Recommendations and proposals during the meeting
• Create an electronic form to monitor the elections, which works on the online transmission system
• Make an introductory check for elections for Shams Network
• Forming a media team to monitor political entities and social media
• Work to find international organizations that support the electoral awareness of the public through the Shams Network and grant them to partner organizations such as Shams Network

Yasser Al-Hamdani
Shams Network Coordinator in Nineveh Governorate
16 -1-2021



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